David - 2 Samuel 7:1-17

This is a family service talk by Malcolm Peters from the Riverside Church service on 1st April 2007.

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Song 3:  Clap Your Hands 

Daisy appears towards the end of the song and joins in the singing/ miming!


Activity/ Puppet Sketch


Me:  OK, if you’d like to take a seat. 

Daisy:  [Singing voice]  ‘Clap your hands’

Me:  I think we’ve finished that song now. 

Daisy:  O I just love that song.  [Singing Voice]  ‘‘Clap your hands, shout for joy’

Me:  OK, I think that’s enough now.    Anyway, you seem very excited.  Are you looking forward to Easter?    

Daisy:  Yep! Can’t wait to get my hands on those Easter eggs.

Me:  What Easter eggs?

Daisy:  The ones I found under mum and dad’s bed!

Me:  Daisy!  

Daisy:    Well I found 2 from mum and dad, one from Uncle Mike, one from Aunty Pauline – o yes and a packet of Cream Eggs from [deep slow boring voice] Great Aunt Slow, I mean Great Aunt Flow….

Me:  I think you’re being a bit rude now.   

Daisy:  Well she’s soooooo boring.   The only thing she ever says to me is:  ‘O haven’t you grown’ and ‘what are you doing at school’.  Boring!

Me:   Daisy.

Daisy:  Soooooorry.

Me:   There’s no point in saying sorry unless you mean it.  [pause]  So you’re going to have 4 big Easter Eggs and a packet of cream eggs.   

Daisy:  Yep   - O and one from Granddad as well.

Me:  What the Granddad who took you to the Deep!

Daisy:  Yeah.  And that reminds me, I’ve got some photos to show you [dashes off]

Me:  [Riv: Daisy Deep slide 1 up/   SF: hard pictures]  Daisy.  Boys and girls:  I think we need to call Daisy back, because she’s already given me the photos.  So after 3, let’s call Daisy:   1, 2, 3:  Daisy.


Daisy:  [pause, then comes up in a fluster:]  My bedroom’s such a mess;  can’t find them anywhere.   [turning round to the screen/ me]  O there they are!

Me:   That’s what I was trying to tell you.

Daisy:     He’s Granddad outside before we went in.

Me:    [Nice tash!     [next slide/picture] 

Daisy:  And here’s me with my favourite fish, the ‘sing ray.

Me:  You still can’t say sting ray. 

Daisy:  Yes I can.  I just love sing rays.   [pause]  But my Gran liked the smaller shiny fish. 


Me:  Did you take any pictures of those? 

Daisy:  Yep!   [next slide]   Gran says she wishes I could be more like them.  

Me:  What did she mean?

Daisy:  Don’t know – she said something about being ‘slow and graceful’.  

Me:  [next slide].  And who’s this? 

Daisy:  [with condescending tone of voice] O that’s my brother. 

Me:  You never told me you had a brother!

Daisy:  Well he’s so annoying.

Me:  Daisy!

Daisy:  Well he is.  When we went to the bit where you can lean over the top, he tried to push me in and said ‘saved ya life’.    Boys!   Pathetic!

Me:   But you had a good day at the Deep anyway.

Daisy:  Deep-tastic!   We had such a good time, that Granddad decided to buy those Gold Passes. 

Me:  Gold Passes!

Daisy:  Yes, it means that we can go back as often as we want for a whole year.    [Singing Voice]  ‘I’m going to the Deep, Deep, Deep, every weekend too, too too’. 

Me:  So your Granddad kept his promise then.

Daisy:  What promise?

Me:  His promise to take you to the Deep.

Daisy:    Well yes.

Me:   Because last month, you were a bit upset, weren’t you. 

Daisy:  O yes!

Me:  because of your friend Hannah. 

Daisy:  Well yes.

Me:  Because she broke her promise that you could go round for tea.

Daisy:   And watch Tracy Beaker.

Me:  But she broke her promise and then you didn’t know whether your Granddad would keep his promise. 

Daisy:  that’s right. 

Me:  But he did, didn’t he!


Daisy:   He certainly did. 

Me:  And he brought you one of those Gold Passes, so you can go back again and again.

Daisy:  Yep. 

Me:  He kept his promise, and made it even better. 

Daisy:  it’s brilliant isn’t it!

Me:  So, next time he promises you something, you’ll believe he’ll do it won’t you?

Daisy:  Of course. 

Me:  Well do you remember that last month, we were thinking about God making us promises.   

Daisy:  I do - God made THREEEE promises to Abraham. 

Me:  That’s right.  And this month, we’re going to see how God kept those promises. 

Daisy:  God always keeps His promises doesn’t He?

Me:  Always.  And God kept His promises by making a man called David King. 

Daisy:  I’ve got a puppet called King David.  I’ll go and get him.  [dashes off].




Well while Daisy’s getting her puppet, who wants to get started on the story of King David.  [I didn't hear you]  Well, David was originally a shepherd boy.  Imagine what that would be like. Working outside with smelly sheep.  [Say Errrrrr!]

David wasn't very old. And he wasn't very important. In fact, David was just the LITTLE BROTHER in his family. And all his big brothers were pretty mean to him. They treated him like he wasn't very important. And that made him feel bad.  [Say Ah!]

David lived about 1,000 years after Abraham. And remember that promise God made to Abraham about a big family.  Well David was part of that family.  [Big family slide]  God had kept His promise to Abraham:  Abraham’s family was now so big they were a nation. 

And remember promise No 2:  [Banner part 3 slide] God said Abraham's family was going to live in a special land. And just as God had promised, God had given His people a special Land to live in.  The promised land, which was called Israel. 

But the problem was that Israel had a king called Saul.  And Saul wasn’t a very good king.  [So every time you hear the words King Saul, I want to see some thumbs down!]  Saul wasn’t a very good king.  And so, God’s promise to Abraham to bless His people looked a bit dodgy.  How could God’s promise be fulfilled, if king Saul [thumbs down] was no good? 

Well God’s plan was to get rid of bad King Saul [ ] and replace him with a better king.  So, one day, God sent a prophet called Samuel to see David’s dad.  Does anyone know what  David’s dad was called?  

That’s right: Jesse.  And Samuel said to Jesse:   King Saul [ ] is a bad king and so God has sent me to make one of your sons the next KING OF ISRAEL." 

Who’s got a brother?   [hands up]   Well keep your hands up if you’ve got 7 brothers?   [no one!  OK hands down]

Well the problem for Samuel, was that Jess had 8 sons.  And God hadn’t told Samuel in advance which son He wanted to be king. So all of Jesse’s sons came out for Samuel to see.  The oldest son came out first. And then, the next one. And the next one. And then the next one.  7 of Jesse’s 8 sons came out.  But God hadn’t chosen any of them. 

David was still out in the fields looking after the sheep.  Nobody had even remembered. Because nobody thought David was important enough to become the king.

Samuel asked if Jesse had any more sons. So they called David in. And Samuel said, yep, he’s the one God has chosen to be the next King of Israel. 

David had lots of adventures before he became the King. David was a mighty king, who beat goliath with a sling.  [David and goliath slide] That’s right, David the shepherd boy killed the giant Goliath;  and his only weapon was a sling and five stones.

God was looking after David. Because David was going to become KING.

So when [bad] king Saul had died, David was finally crowned King. [David as king slide]  And the people were very excited. There was music, there was lots of good food, and everyone was happy. Because now they had a better King. 

King David built a beautiful palace. [David on balcony slide].  It was the best palace anywhere. And God helped David defeat all of Israel's enemies. And the crops grew in the fields;  the grass was green, and the people were very happy. [River and fields slide] Because God was looking after them;  in fact God was BLESSING THEM, just like He’d promised Abraham.  

And that’s what this month's banner is showing [banner 4 on slide].  In the middle you can see King David in his palace.  But the big crown shows that David is trying to live with God as his king.  So King David is really God's sort of Prime Minister, because God’s really the king.  And round David’s palace you can see lots of people in the land.  And at the front, we’ve got happy blessed people.  And those 3 arrows are pointing towards the fulfilment of God’s 3 promises;  the 3 promises God made to Abraham:  the promise of lots of children who would become a big nation;  the promise of a land of their own to live in, the land of Israel; and the promise that God would bless them. 

So, just like Daisy’s granddad who’d kept his promise to take Daisy to the Deep—, GOD HAD KEPT HIS PROMISES to Abraham.

Abraham's family had grown into a whole nation, Abraham’s family were now living in the beautiful Promised Land;  and God was blessing Abraham’s family;  God had given them a good king;  and God was looking after them. It was just like Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden.

So God has kept His promises to Abraham.   Because God always keeps His promises.  But did you spot a new promise that God made to David in the reading we had earlier?  I’ll just read one verse again to give you a clue.

“He is the one who will build a house for my Name, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever.”

So what’s the new promise?   

That’s right, David wanted to build a temple or a house for God, but God’s says no—your son, Solomon, will build me a house.  But I will build you a household that will go on for ever. 

And that household or family tree led to Jesus.  And that’s why we sometimes call Jesus the Son of David, or King David’s greater Son.  Because, although King David was a great King, he still messed up and did some bad things.  Yes God blessed Abraham’s family under King David.  But even those blessings were only a pointer;  a pointer towards the best blessing of all;  a pointer towards the best king of all:  Jesus.  

And if you want to find out what happens next in the story of the whole Bible, then come back next month 6 May as we look at the story David’s Son, Solomon. 

But as I mentioned at the beginning, next week it’s Easter. 

On Good Friday, we’ve got a joint whole parish service down at SJs at 10:30am.  It's not a FS but there will be a crèche and children groups running during the service.  And back up here at [SF/ Riverside church] we've got a family communion service on Easter Sunday itself, here at [9:30/  11am]. 

The promises to Abraham were partially fulfilled in the time of David.  But it’s really the story of Easter where it all comes together.  So come and find out more on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. 

But if you can’t wait to find out how all those promises point to Jesus, then you need one of these blue leaflets. [Who will be king slide]   They look like this;  they’re called  ‘who will be king’;  they’re free;  and they’re on the [table in the foyer/  Information Stand at the back].  But as we finish thinking about King David, let’s pray.


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