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Creation - Genesis 2:4-25

This is a family service talk by Malcolm Peters from the Riverside Church service on 7th January 2007.

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Series:  The King the Snake and the Promise:  Genesis to Jesus for Kids.

Session 1:  Creation   


[Reading 2:4b-25]


Puppet Sketch

Well itís time for a special guest appearance from my new friend called Daisy.   But Daisyís a bit shy, so youíll have to help me find her.  So after 3, I want you all to shout out, Daisy.  Ready 1, 2 3Ö

Me:  There you are.  Now I want you to say hello to the boys and girls.

Daisy:  Hello boys and girls;  my nameís Daisy.


Me:  Did you have a good Christmas?



Me:  Why not?


Daisy: I was stuck in a box.


Me:  Stuck in a box.


Daisy:  Yes.  Because you said I mustn't be seen until after Christmasóbecause you wanted me to be a surprise for all the boys and girls.

Me:  Well I suppose I did, yes.

Daisy:  meanie, meanie, meanie. 

Me:  Iím not a meanie.

Daisy:  O yes you are;  isnít he boys and girls.  Meanie

Me:  O no Iím not. 

Daisy: O yes you are

Me:  O well youíre here now, so thatís all that matters. 

Daisy:  Thatís right, and Iím really excited about the story of the whole Bible that we going to look at. 

Me:  well weíre only doing the first bit today.

Daisy:  thatís not very good.  Why canít we do the whole Bible today.

Me:  because some of us want some Sunday lunch before tea time.  But if you come back next month, you can discover the next stage in Godís plan. 
Do you want Daisy to come back next month boys and girls

[Daisy shaking her head]

Daisy:  O all right. But letís get on with it.  Iím really excited.  What about you boys and girls.  Shall we tell him to get on with it? 

Me:  well before God created anything, there was nothing.

Daisy:  what nothing at all.

Me:  that's right;  nothing at all except God.  And then God decided to create the world.  So, on Day One, Godís work begun as weíve just been singing.

Daisy:  The light and dark He made apart.

Me:  Then on Day Two, there was still more to do..

Daisy:  the sky and sea were made to be.

Me:  And it was good

Daisy:  just as it should

Me:  As all creation God did form, by the Power of His Word.

Daisy:  What, you mean God's so powerful, that whatever He says goes, right?

Me:  that's right.  God can do anything he wants, by the Power of His word.  And God wanted to make the world, so He did.  Just by the Power of His word.

Daisy:  Wow.

Me:  and after God had made the world, he filled it with living creatures.

Daisy:  like birds and fish.

Me:  That's right, but most important of all was people.    Were you listening to that reading we had earlier from the Bible.

Daisy:   Yeeeeeees.

Me:   What can you remember then.

Daisy:  Well God made the first man from the dust of the ground.

Me:  and what was his name.

Daisy:  Adam.  See I was listening.

Me:  And then what. 

Daisy:  And then God made the first woman from one of Adamís ribs. ÖÖ.  And her name was Eve.

Me:  and they lived in Hull right.

Daisy:  donít be silly.  God planted a garden and they lived there.

Me:  And what were they supposed to do.

Daisy:   well they could do anything they wanted.  Anything except for one thing. 

Me:  which was?

Daisy:  they could do anything except eat from a certain tree. 

Me:  thatís right.  Because God had made them, Heís got the right to rule over them.  But He gave them the freedom to do whatever they wanted.  There was only one rule they had to keep was not to eat from a certain tree.  Can you remember which tree?

Daisy:  No;  I was listening though!

Me:  boys and girls.  Can you remember what the tree was called?

[..]   Thatís right, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. 

Daisy:  Iíve seen a picture about that. 

Me:  whereís that then?  can anyone spot it?

Daisy:  Maybe itís down here  [going into theatre].


Me:  I think youíre looking on the wrong side Daisy  [pause]
Now whatís good about this picture, is that it tells the story of creation.  Weíve got Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Daisy:  with the tree of the knowledge of good and evil behind them.

Me:  thatís right.  And most important of all, is God.  So, above Adam and Eve, weíve got a crown.  Can you see it?

Daisy:  Yes.  Like kings and queens wear.

Me:  exactly.  Because, as the Creator, God is also the ruler and what He says goes.  Godís the king of the universe, because he made it and itís His.  So heís got the right to tell us all what to do.  And whatís he told Adam and Even not to do.

Daisy:    not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Song 3


Competition  [with flip charts]

[Choose 2 volunteers;  3 minutes to draw a lion & elephant.  ]

Because God has made us in His image, He's made us to be creative.  And drawingís one way we can be creative like God.  And when we draw something, weíre in control of how it looks.

As the creative artists, you could draw the animals just as you wanted to.  But are any of them perfect?   [No]

No, because only God makes things perfect.  So none of these drawings are perfect, but which is the best?   Now, Iím not sure, so Iím going to ask the audience.  So if  [x, y or z was best, clap now.]


 [Daisy exit during creed] 

Main Talk

Well that song was highlighting some points from the Bible reading we had earlier.  And the most important point is that God is sovereign.  God chose to make the universe.  And He chose to make us. 

Now whatís going on in Gen 2 is an expansion of the story on Gen 1.  In Gen 1, like in our creation song, we saw how God created everything.  And we saw that people were the top thing that God made.  People werenít like the animals.  They were like the icing on the cake of Godís creation  - sort of on top of the world. 

But in Gen 2, we get some more details of how God created the first man. 

One day when God had made the stars and planets, and the earth and the water, he decided to make a man called Adam.

As Daisy remembered, God took some dirt from the ground and made a man but of it, and he breathed into it and the man began to live. We can't do that with our drawingsótheyíre just drawings.  But God can make things that are alive!

And that's not all. God made a place for Adam to live. It was the best sort of place you could think of!  Even better than Hull. 

Who can remember the name of the place God made for Adam?

Thatís right, the Garden of Eden. And it was good, just as it should have been, because God made it.  Because everything God made was perfect.

Now, there were all kinds of beautiful trees in the Garden.  And as Daisy told us, Adam could eat from any of them;  all except one.  We don't really know what the fruit on that tree looked like.    But God said, that if he ate eat from that tree heíd want to decide what was right and wrong for himself. But that's Godís job.   If he ate from that tree heíd forget that God was his King. Because God made him, and God knew what was best for him.

Can anyone remember what that tree was called:   [Pause for answers]

Yes, it was called the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Adamís job was to look after the garden for God. He was put in charge of the garden.  So Adam even gave names to all the animals. 

The only trouble was, Adam was lonely. [Ahh]

None of the animals could help him or be his friend. [Ahh]

So God made a woman to be his helper and friend.

Who can tell me what the womanís name was? 

Yes Eve.  And so Adam and Eve lived happily together in the garden  of Eden.  Godís people, Adam and Eve, were living in Godís perfect place, under Godís perfect rule.  And because God made them and loved them, he knew what was best for them.  So they should have obeyed God as their King.  And so should we.

Well during 2007, weíll be looking at the story of the whole Bible in our monthly family services.  And next month, weíll see that Adam and Eve didnít obey God.  They ate from the tree God had told them not to and so everything in the world went wrong.  Thatís why bad things now happen in the world.  But God had a plan to sort out the mess.  And that plan led to Jesus dying on a Cross for His people.  If you believe and trust in Jesus, then Jesus died for you and took away all your sins.  Jesus took the punishment for all the wrong things youíve ever done, if you believe in Jesus. 

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