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Adam and Eve - Genesis 3

This is a family service talk by Malcolm Peters from the Riverside Church service on 4th February 2007.

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Activity/ Puppet Sketch

Who can remember our special guest back in January?

[I think she had a big Daisy on her T-shirt]

Would you like to see her again?

[I said would you like to see her again?]

After 3 then, shout Daisy: 1, 2 3 [Daisy appears in pulpit with bandaged finger]

Me: hello Daisy

Daisy: Hello everyone; itís good to see you again.

Me: O no; whatíve you done to your finger?

Daisy: I cut it.

Me: Isnít a great big bandage like that a bit over the top for a tiny cut.

Daisy: Nooooooo. It was a really big cut you know; blood everywhere; it took ages for my mum to stop it bleeding.

Me: O No, that sounds really bad.

Daisy: I lost so much blood, that I almost fainted; it was like I was floating round the room.

Me: O Daisy. Iím really sorry. [to the congregation] Shall we all have a big Ahhhhh for Daisy? After 3: 1, 2 3 Ahhhhhhh.

Daisy: My mum didnít say Ahhhh.

Me: Did she kiss it better instead?

Daisy: Yes, but she was really cross about all the mess.

Me: That doesnít sound very kind!

Daisy: [looking/ acting sheepish!] She did give me a big cuddle and dried up my tears. But when it had stopped bleeding, and Mum had put this bandage on, she sent me to my room.

Me: Why did she do that? Had you been cheeky to her?

Daisy: No.

Me: Had you disobeyed her?

Daisy: [Defensively] Well it was an accident.

Me: what was an accident?

Daisy: me cutting myself.

Me: So how did it happen then?

Daisy: Well I cut myself with a sharp knife in the kitchen.

Me: What were you doing with a sharp knife.

Daisy: playing with it.

Me: And let me guess: your mum has always told you never to play with knives.

Daisy: Well yes. But my friend Hannah said that sheíd seen a cartoon where a man was juggling with 3 knives and it looked so much fun.

Me: You didnít try to juggle 3 knives did you?

Daisy: No [pause] Only one.

Me: what!

Daisy: Well it looked so shinny and I thought it would be so much fun. So I dragged a chair into the kitchen, got the knife and threw it up into the air.

Me: And you missed.

Daisy: No I caught it, or rather it caught me, and then there was blood everywhere.

Me: You deliberately disobeyed your mum.

Daisy: Yes.

Me: And then she kindly mopped up the blood, put your bandage on and made sure you were alright.

Daisy: Yes.

Me: And then sent you to your room as a punishment for disobeying her.

Daisy: Yes.

Me: So she was being kind and fair after all.

Daisy: I suppose so Yes.

Me: Because she wants the best for you. And thatís why sheís told you never to play with knives.

Daisy: I know.

Link into Banner & Recap from Last week

And thatís a bit like whatís was going on in our Bible story.

Who can remember what looked at last time. If you need a clue, then look at the banner [pointing to it - attached to the puppet theatre again? ].

Recap Summary of Creation [using banner]

God chose to make the whole wide world and it was Good

God made people the top of the world and put them in the perfect garden of Eden.

And because God made us and loves us, he knows whatís best for us. Heís our King [banner: Crown].

Because Godís our king, Heís got the right to tell us what to do.

And last time we saw that God had created people in His image, and that meant they were creative like God. And we had a competition all about that last time. Who can remember what we did. [engage ]

Exactly, and here are those pictures.

So can I have my artistic volunteers from last time up the front please.

Puppet Daisy: OK, coming.

Me: No I donít think it was you. You were just watching that bit. Anyway, I think you need to get a fresh bandage.

Puppet Daisy: OK, bye-bye [Daisy exit]

Me: OK so can I have [names of volunteers] up the front please.

Main Talk part 1

[PP Slides 1 & 2]

Adam and Eve had a good home and good food in the beautiful garden God had made for them. They could go where they wanted to go and do whatever they wanted - everything was good. There was only one thing God said they couldn't have. What was it?

[They werenít allowed to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.]

"If you eat from that tree," God had said in cpt 2, "you'll want to decide what's right and wrong for yourself. But that's my job."

For a while, Adam and Eve obeyed God. But then Satan came along. Who can tell me how Satan disguised himself? [Snake]

[PP S? Up]

So who can remember what Satan said to Eve?

[Thatís right: first he twisted what God had said by saying: Did God really tell you not to eat fruit from any tree in the Garden. And then he called God a liar: Because when Eve told Satan about Godís warning, Satan said: Thatís not true: you wonít die.

"Itís really good fruit," he said. "You should eat some. Don't take any notice of God."

Adam & Eve knew that God didn't want them to eat it, but they did.

[PP S? ]

Why did they do it? [Engage]

Because they wanted to be like God. They wanted to make their own rules. They wanted to be their own king; they didn't want God to be their king any more.

[PP S? ]

And thatís what weíve got on this monthís banner over here, [but also on the screen.] The Crown which represents God, has got a cross through it. Because by disobeying God, Adam and Eve were sort of saying: we donít want you to be the boss any more. We want to make our own minds up about whatís right and wrong; and if it seems good to us, then weíll do it.

Just like Daisy knew her mum had told her not play with knives. She knew her mum loved her and wanted the best for her. But, then she wanted to do her own thing anyway. So Daisyís finger ended up in a mess. Just like when those pictures were all ripped up.

Joseph & Yvieís beautiful creations are all spoilt now Ė in bits on the floor [pick up some pieces and throw them back down.]

And itís the same with Adam & Eve. By disobeying God, they spoilt the perfect Garden of Eden; and they spoilt their friendship with God. They wanted to take Godís place and decide for themselves what was right and wrong. So, everything was messed up.


Talk Part 2

But before we get to Jesus, we need to go back to Adam and Eve. They knew that theyíd done something bad. So what did they do when God came looking for them? Hereís a clue coming up on the screen.

[New PowerPoint slide re hiding from God? ]

Yes, they tried to hide from God. But God sees and knows everything. God found them and God was angry because they'd disobeyed his word.

Who can tell me what God did next? [PP S]

And thereís another clue coming up on the screen.

Thatís right. God made them go away from the beautiful garden he'd made. Just like Daisy had to go to her room when she disobeyed her mum. She was sent away from her mum as a punishment. And itís the same but worse for Adam and Eve. They were sent away from Godís presence which is far worse. They were thrown out of the Garden of Eden and, as you can see from the next screen, [next pp slide up] God put a guard at the entrance to make sure they couldn't get back in; to make sure they couldnít get back into His presence.

So now, Adam and Eve had to live outside the Garden and it was full of prickles and thorns. Adam had to work very hard to grow food. It wasnít like the garden where God gave them everything they needed easily.

Who can remember what God had said would happen if they disobeyed His Word? [die]

Yes, God had made them immortal, which means that they would have lived for ever. But the day they disobeyed God, they died spiritually. And one day they died physically too, all because they disobeyed God. And thatís why one day each of us will die too. Because Adam and Eveís sin still affects all of us. Disobeying God was a terrible mistake! And thatís why the worldís still in a mess today.

Adam and Eve trusted a fake instead of obeying God. They believed Satanís lie that Godís Word wasnít really good for them; just like Daisy doubted that her mumís rules were really good. And now everythingís messed up. Adam and Eve ignored the one true God and followed a fake God instead.

But the sad thing is that we all do the same. The rest of the Bible tells us that we all do our own thing, because none of us wants God to be the boss. We all want to be the boss. Just like Adam and Eve, we all want to be God instead of God. And thatís why God had a plan to sort out the mess. And weíre going to be looking at that plan in the rest this series of Family Services. But the most important thing to remember about Godís plan, was that it led to Jesus dying on a Cross for His people. So, if you trust in Jesus alone, then Jesus died for you; if you trust in Jesus alone, then you can be forgiven. Just like Daisyís cut finger, we canít undo the bad things weíve done. God is good and just, so He has judge and punish sin and disobedience. But the good news is that, if we believe and trust in Jesus, then Jesus took the punishment for us. He died so His people could be forgiven.

[Next PP Slide up]

And if youíd like to know more and youíre youngish,, then Iíve got a blue leaflet called ĎWho will be Kingí for you, which looks like the one on the screen. Iíll have some on the door and theyíll also be on the [table in the foyer/ bookstall] ójust help yourself.

But if youíre older, then the CE course I mentioned at the beginning is the thing for you. An opportunity over 6 sessions to explore real Christianity with plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

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