Mothering Sunday Family Service -

This is a family service talk by - from the Riverside Church service on 15th March 2015.

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Mothering Sunday Talk 2015

Part 1


Why have we played the game? Today we are thinking about the importance of passing on information to other people.


What kind of information are we talking about? I want to talk about the two things that are mentioned in the section of the Bible we’ve had read to us this morning. 

  • What God has done
  • How God wants us to live


Let’s start with, what God has done.


Here is what we’re told in Psalm 78. Show verse 4.


This verse was written to challenge the people of God to tell future generations about the great praiseworthy deeds of God.


We do this all the time for other people who we think are fantastic. It makes sense that we should do it for God.


What kind of great praiseworthy deeds has God done?


First, he started and sustains the whole universe that we live in.


How good are you at creating things? Let’s find out.


Game with play dough. Need two children and two adults. I’d like you to make a pig. You have 2 mins. Now I’d like you to create a shark. Take away all tools and all play dough. Can you create it out of nothing?


God created our universe out of nothing and he keeps it going. When we see things that amaze us then we should praise God. Show amazing pictures of the universe.


I heard this week of a little girl at school who was told by her teacher that only religious nutters believe God created the universe. 


We can believe what the scientists tell us and what the Bible tells us. 


Making a cup of tea illustration



What else has God done? The Son of God came into this world to save us.


A few pictures summarising what Jesus did. Taught. He did miracles. Died. Raised to life.


He did all this to save us. Pay for our sin. Teach us how to live well.


In summary:  God started and sustains the world. The Son of God came into this world to save us. 


We should praise God for these things. 


We should also pass this information on to other people. Who can you tell?


This will help people to either trust or follow Jesus for the first time or else keep on following him. 


Part 2


We’re already thought about passing on information about what God has done. But now we’re going to focus on passing on what God wants us to do.


Show verse 5.


How should we live in this world? The most popular advice is do whatever you like. Follow your heart. Do whatever works for you. Just don’t do anyone any harm.


That sounds reasonable enough but let me try and show you why this isn’t right.


Suppose you came round to my house for lunch. I have some rules. Let me mention two. Take shoes off. No phones at the table. It’s my house. Why do I have these rules? To protect the carpets. And to protect relationships. 


Suppose a visitor comes to this country. How should they live? We have rules. Which side of the road to drive on? What speed to drive?


How should we live in the world? It’s God’s world. So it’s up to God to tell us how we should live. 


He has done. Recorded in the Bible. Lots of areas covered. let’s just consider two.

  • Family
    • Obey our parents
    • Honour our parents
    • Love your kids. 
      • Teach them about Jesus. 
      • Discipline your children.
    • Look after your marriage


  • Wider relationships
    • Other people centred
    • Honest
    • Kind
    • Considerate
    • Sacrificial


He’s done it because he loves us. If we obey him then our lives will be better and the lives of the people around us will be better.


We should pass these commands on to other people. Who can you tell?


In conclusion: We must pass on both what God has done and what he wants us to do.


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