Living King! -

This is a family service talk by Malcolm Peters from the Riverside Church service on 7th December 2008.

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Talk Part II/  Puppet Sketch


[Sam appears during the activity looking inquisitive]



Me:  Well let’s have a round of applause for all my helpers.  [applause]

Sam:  What’s going on?  What’s all this loo roll doing on the floor?

Me:  O hello Sam?    Well it’s all about a really big surprise?

Sam:  What you mean like a Christmas present?

Me:  Well sort of yes?

Sam:  I was meant to have a surprise at Christmas?

Me:  what do you mean, you were meant to have a surprise?

Sam:  Well I found it didn’t I?

Me:  You found what?  Don’t tell me you’ve been searching the house for your Christmas presents already?

Sam:  No;  I just came across an e-mail from Amazon when I was on my mum’s computer?

Me:    So what was on the e-mail?

Sam:   Confirmation of the new Wi mum’d ordered for Christmas?

Me:  I thought you already had a Playstation?

Sam:  I do.  

Me:  Oh never mind;  so you’ve spoilt the surprise; 

Sam:  Yeah;  would've been a wicked surprise;  but now I’ll just have to fake it when I open it on Christmas Day. 

Me:  Yeeeees.   Well coming back to this today's Bible story, there was a really big surprise as well.

Sam:   What’s that then?

Me:     Well we picked up the story on Good Friday after Jesus had died on the cross.     Now normally the bodies of people who'd been crucified were chucked on the rubbish dump. 

Sam:  That’s out of order!  Why did they do that then?

Me:   Because only really bad criminals were crucified. And so they didn’t think that they deserved proper funerals.    But in J’s case, someone wanted to give him a proper burial.  Who can remember who it was? 

Sam:  Joseph of Arimathea???    

Me:  I’m impressed.  You were listening to the Bible reading.    So have you ever seen a dead body?

Sam:  Nop!

Me:  Didn’t think so.  Well in our country, when someone dies, we usually dress them in their normal clothes before we bury them. 

Sam:  And that’s called a funeral isn’t it?

Me: Right again.   But in J’s day funerals were a bit different.  Can you remember what clothes Jesus was in after he died?   

Sam:    Nop, can’t remember that bit. 

Me:   Can anyone else remember?  And if you want a clue, think about our game.


Exactly:  not jeans and a t shirt, but a linen sheet or shroud.   

Sam:   So that’s what the loo roll was all about.  It was meant to be like the strips of linen Jesus was wrapped in. 

Me:    Really well done Sam – you’re getting it.  So can you also remember where Joseph put J’s body? 

Sam:  In a tomb. 

Me:  Excellent.  Not in a cemetery like we’d do.  Jesus was buried in a tomb cut out of the rock.   And what did Joseph do to make sure J's body wasn’t disturbed.  [How did Joseph seal the tomb?]      let’s see if anyone out there can remember as well?


Still me:    That’s right.  He rolled a huge stone across the entrance.  Now, in J’s day, it was the custom for people to anoint dead people with spices to make the body smell nice.  But there wasn't time to do that on Friday afternoon.

Sam:  Why not?

Me:    Well it was getting dark, and remember there were no street light in those days.  When it was dark, it was really dark. 

Sam:  Oh!

Me:   So 2 women watched Joseph bury Jesus on the Friday and planned to come back on Sunday with the spices.  Can you remember their names?  

Sam:  Mary.  

Me:  Yep and the other one?

Sam:  No sorry, can’t remember her mate.

Me:  Can anyone else:  what was the other woman ?   [engage]

Well done:  Mary Magdalene & Mary the mother of Joseph.  And these 2 women came back on Sunday with a friend so they could anoint J's body.  But as they walked up the road to the tomb, they realised they’d have a problem.  What was it? 

Sam:   A whacking great stone had been rolled against the entrance to the tomb, so how were these 3 weedy women going to roll it out the way to get to J?

Me:  Well I wouldn’t have put it quite like that, but yes, that’s the point.    As the 3 women were on their way to the tomb, that said:  “Oh no! We won't be able to get in’;   Who will roll the stone away from the doorway of the tomb?”  

Sam:   Maybe if they’d pushed and pushed, they might be able to move it.  And if they couldn’t, then maybe they’d be able to find some hunky weightlifters around to help them. 

Me:  yeah maybe.  But that was the big surprise.

Sam:  what they bumped into some weightlifters?

Me:  No.  When they got to the tomb, the heavy stone that had sealed the tomb had already been rolled away!

Sam:  Amazing!

Me:   But there was an even bigger surprise!   

Sam:  What was that then?  

Me:  Who can tell me?   [engage] 

[What had happened to J's body?]

Still me:   Exactly:  when they walked into the tomb, J's body had gone.   J’s body had gone.  But a young man was standing there instead.    Can you imagine it.  You saw a friend buried in this tomb 2 days ago.  And now you've come back to pay your respects.  But the body’s gone.  What's going on?  And who’s this man standing in the tomb?  Imagine it.  Do you think you’d be scared? 

Sam:   Well I wouldn’t be scared, but I suppose the women were? 

Me:   You’re right;  they were.   

[Banner 10 without crown up ]

And that’s what we can see in this month’s banner.  The empty tomb with the stone rolled away and the angel standing there.  So who can remember what the angel said. 

[What was his message from God?]

Sam:  Surprise!

Me:  No you’re being silly now.  Who else can remember what the angel said?

Still me:   That’s right:  “Don't be frightened,” said the angel. “I know you're looking for Jesus who was crucified. But he has risen from the dead! He's not here. Have a look - this is where his body was. He's not here. He's alive!”  

Sam:   Amazing!

Me:  Truly amazing.      Like the remains of our toilet paper wrapping, the grave clothes were still on the floor.  But Jesus was gone! So now, the women were even more scared! But the messenger hadn’t finished. What did he say next?

Sam:  I know where Jesus is?

Me: Well sort of yes.   He said:  “Go and tell Peter and the rest of the disciples. Jesus was dead... and now he’s ALIVE.  Don’t you remember what he’d said before He died:  he promised that 3 days after death he’d rise, and now it's happened.  Jesus really is the king. 

[full banner 10 up ]

And that’s why we’ve got a crown on the banner as well as the empty tomb.  Jesus had conquered death.  Jesus is king even over death.  So go and tell His disciples.  Go and tell them that Jesus will meet up with them in Galilee, just as he told them.  Stop being scared and believe.  Jesus really is the King. 

Sam:  Amazing!

Me:   Really amazing.  So who can remember how the women responded?

Sam:  Well this is pretty freaky stuff, so I suppose they were still freaked-out!

Me:    Exactly.  they were so scared and surprised that they were shaking. They ran out of the tomb.  And they couldn't tell anyone what happened because they were so frightened.   It still seemed unreal.   

But the point is that it’s true.  Jesus really is the king.  And because Jesus is the king, he got authority over sickness;  he's got authority over nature;  he's got authority to forgive sins.  And in today's story we’ve seen  that he's even got authority over death;  and that’s really comforting when you know someone’s who’s died or who’s grieving over some who’s died;.  Jesus is the king:  and before he died he promised that 3 days after death, he'd rise again, and he did. & it’s true. 

Sam:    That’s amazing.  You know, I might have to check this out some more. 

Me:  What a great idea;  you could come back at Christmas or start coming to Sunday school on other Sundays. 

Sam:  Yeah, I might do that;  but got to shoot now;  tat tar for now!   Bye!!!!!

Song 4:  Jesus is the King:    (CD no 29)


So Jesus is the king:  and remember he’s promised before he died that 3 days after death, he'd rise again, and he did.   So let’s sing: 

J is the king.

Talk Part 3: 

J is the king.  But it’s not just a nice story.  If Jesus really is the king, then it has massive implications for all of us.    Because if Jesus is the king, if Jesus really did rise from the dead, then it means he really has got authority to forgive your sin.  It means Jesus has got the authority to give you eternal life when you die.  It means that we really do need to obey J's command.  His command to follow Him as our King. 

And so as we finish our journey meeting the King in Mark’s Gospel, let me ask you:  have you met the King personally;?  Whatever your age, is Jesus your king, or do you just know about Him?    And if you claim Jesus is you King, are you actively following Him as the King of every part of your life?   

Well let’s have a few moment silence as we reflect on those important questions;  those eternal questions;  because this is not just a nice story;  how we respond to Jesus really will affect our eternal destiny.  So  let’s think about all that in silence before we say the confession together.

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