Meet the King - King of the world -

This is a family service talk by Malcolm Peters from the Riverside Church service on 1st June 2008.

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Well if you’ve been with us so far in our family services this year, you’ll know that we’ve been looking at the story of Jesus in Mark's Gospel.   We’ve been meeting the King, King Jesus that is.  Each month we’ve been building up the whole story of Jesus from Mark’s Gospel.   And to help us do that, every month we’ve been adding a part to the overall banner.  And these banners reminds us of the story of Jesus in pictures.    And the second thing we’ve been doing each month is to learn the key verse from that month’s Bible reading.  So let’s remind ourselves of the story so far:      

Recap of Session 1

Have a look at the first banner [Banner 1 on screen]

What was going on back then? 

Well if you remember, right at the beginning of Mark’s Gospel, Jesus command people to repent.  He told them to turn away from what they’d been doing.  And he told them to follow Him.    And that’s exactly what those 2 fishermen did.  They left everything and followed Jesus.   Why?  Because Jesus has got the authority to tell us what to do.

So I wonder if anyone can remember the first memory verse.  Last month we had them stuck under the [pews/ chairs].  But today I'm shamelessly going to bribe you into remembering these memory verses with this bag of sweets.  So who can remember the 1st memory verse?  [I've already told you most of it.   It was something to do with turning round and accepting the Gospel.]

[ Memory verse 1 up]






Recap session 2


Great.  And the following month, we saw that Jesus had authority over sickness. 

[Banner 2 up

With just a Word, Jesus healed the leper.  Just like that. 

Who can remember the memory verse from that month?

Clue:  ‘the leper came up to Jesus and said:  

[“If you are willing, you can make me CLEAN!”   ]

[put up memory verse 2 and relearn.]


Recap session 3

And after that, we saw that Jesus had the authority to forgive sin. 

[Banner 3 up]

His friends brought the paralysed man to Jesus.  Why?  Because they wanted Jesus to heal him.  But Jesus knows our greatest need is to be forgiven.  So before he healed the paralysed man, who can remember what Jesus said?  What was that month’s memory verse.  Who can remember it?

[Memory verse 3 up]

Exactly.  Even though the paralysed man was disabled;  even though he was in great physical need.  Jesus knew his greatest need was to have his sins forgiven.  So Jesus said to the paralysed man:  “Son:  your sins are forgiven”]

Recap Month 4

And so last month we looked at  the parable of the Sower.  Or more accurately, the parable of 4 different soils.  And that’s what you can see on last time's banner. 

[Banner 4 up on screen]

So what’s gardening got to do with J?  Well, if you remember, Jesus was teaching us about the way different people respond to his teaching.  And we saw that the responses people have to Jesus are like 4 different types of soil. 


Rocky soil

Thorny soil

Good soil


Path:  some people are like the path.  They hear all about the good news.  But they’re not even pretending to listen.  It goes in 1 ear and out the other as my granddad would’ve said.

Rocky soil:   But some people are like the rocky soil.  They’ve heard the good news about J; but as soon any difficulty comes along, they give up. 



Thorny Soil:  Some people are like the soil with thorns.  They’ve heard the good news of J;  and they’ve even said yes:  I want to follow Jesus, just like those first disciples.  But the worries of life just get in the way of following Jesus.    You know:  worries like homework, your x-box or celebrating Hull’s promotion to the premiership. 

Good Soil:  But if you’ve really been listening to King  Jesus ;  then you’re good soil.  

And that’s what last time’s memory verse was all about.  It was a really long one, so I’ve got a seriously big prize for this one [2 sweets]:  Who can remember it?    [memory verse 4 on screen]      

That's right;  [read and relearn.]


Confession [+ songs, prayer and reading]



Talk Part II/  Puppet Sketch


[Sam appears during the reading looking fed up]


Me:  great to see you again Sam. 

Sam:    Whatever. 

Me:  So what’s up with you this month? 

Sam:  Whatever.    

Me:    Whatever’s the matter?

Sam:   Stuff?   

Me:  What kind of stuff?

Sam: Just stuff!

Me:    I thought by the end of half term you’d be well excited.

Sam:   Well that was the plan.


Me:  What plan?

Sam:   The Bank Holiday weekend.

Me:  So what happened on Bank Holiday Monday then?

Sam:   Not just Monday, but the whole weekend.

Me:   OK, what happened for the whole Bank Holiday Weekend then?

Sam:  A BMX rally, that’s what?

Me:  Sounds great.

Sam:  it should have been,  yeah.

Me:  So what went wrong then?   

Sam:  the weather, that's what’s wrong, right.

Me:  right.  what you mean, it rained a bit. 

Sam:  A bit.   Did it rain or what, man. 

Me:  So you got a bit wet and muddy.  I thought that’s the deal with BMXing?

Sam:   On Friday night, the tent leaked.   

Me:  O dear.  Did you get it sorted?

  Well sort of.  But then on Saturday, while we were out doing the trial heats, the wind was so bad, the tent blew away. 

Me:  Did you find it? 

Sam:  Yeah

Me:  well that’s alright then. 

Sam:  No, because everything was soaked.  Even my boxers were soaking. 

Me:  Sounds bad. 

Sam:  Then on Sunday, it was so muddy, my brakes wouldn’t work properly, so I lost tonnes of points. 


Me:  Anything else?

Yeah!  On Monday the rest of the event was called off. 

Me:   What, because of the rain? 

Sam:  Not just the rain.  Their insurance didn’t cover hailstone risk or something. 

Me:  Insurance companies eh.   So you had to come home early. 

Sam:  Had to wait for my dad to come and pick me up in the afternoon.

Me:  What - couldn’t he come any earlier? 

Sam:  Couldn’t get hold of him? 

Me:  Why not? 

Sam:  My mobile got soaked didn’t it and now it don’t work. 

Me:  Why didn’t you find a phone box? 

Sam:  [looking round incredulously]  Are you mad!

Me:  What you mean there weren’t any phone boxes in the middle of nowhere?

Sam:  How would I know!

Me:    What? 

Sam:  Phone boxes are uncool.  You won’t catch me in one.


Me:  So you had a cool and wet weekend then!

Sam:  Are you taking the mick?

Me:  Never! 

  yes you are.  You’re rubbing it in by going on about a storm. 

Me:   You’re right.  We’ve been looking at when Jesus and his disciples got caught in a really bad storm.

Sam:  So were they on a BMX rally as well then?

Me:  Not exactly no.  One evening after a hard day's teaching, Jesus and His disciples got into a boat and sailed across lake Galilee.    

Sam:    And a well-bad storm turned up right. 

Me:    Right.   [pause] But before the storm blew up, what was Jesus up to?

Sam:  [mimic action – arm out leaning forward]  Doing a Leonardo Di Caprio on the front of the boat!

Me:    No.  I’ll give you a clue.  He was a bit tired after a long day’s preaching.   

Sam:   OK, he got a cocktail from the bar and was chilling out in his cabin.

Me:  Not quite.  He was sleeping on a pillow at the back of the boat.

Sam:   J asleep!  I thought you said that Jesus was God.  How can God have a kip!

Me:  Well Jesus is fully God as we’re going to see.  But he’s also fully human.  And because he’s fully human, he goes to sleep like me and you. 

Sam:  [Sounding unconvinced]  OKKKKK.  So Jesus is asleep, and then the storm turns up.   

Me:  Right, but this was no ordinary storm.  the disciples were experienced fisherman, so they knew all about storms.  this storm was bad.  It was so bad, they were scared.  What do you think they were scared of? 

Sam:    Sinking of course.   


Me:    Exactly.  They were scared of drowning.  So what did they do?

Sam:    Got their mobiles out and rung 999.

Me:    Well some people do treat prayer like the 5th emergency service don’t they.  If the AA fails, then we’ll try God.  But these fishermen had Jesus in the boat with them.  And what had they seen Jesus do?

Sam:  Well he splatted the zits off that leper bloke. 

Me:   And what else.

Sam:    And he healed the legs of that paralysed man.   

Me:  Right again:  He healed the leper and the paralysed man.  And both times, he did it in an instant.  Just like that.  So why do you think the disciples went and woke Jesus up in the middle of a storm?

Sam:  because they thought he might be able to save them I suppose.


Me:    Right again.  They woke Jesus up and said:  don’t you care if we drown? 

So what did Jesus do?     There’s a clue in this month’s banner.   [Banner 5 on screen]

Sam:  [looking at screen]    Don’t tell me:  just like he healed those geezers, he blew the wind away or something.

Me:  Not just the wind:  with just a word, Jesus calmed the terrible storm.  Yes Jesus told the wind to be quiet.  But He even told the waves to be still.   Even if the wind had died down naturally, the waves would still have been bad for hours.  But Jesus commanded the wind and the waves.  Hey, be still, be still.  And they did.  The wind and the waves were still.  Just like that.  In an instant.   

Sam:  Just like he’d healed the leper and the paralysed man.

Me:  Exactly.  [pause] And after He’d calmed the terrible storm, what did Jesus say next?

Sam:  [sarcasticallyDunno.

Me:  No, not that.  Jesus said to His disciples:  why are you still frightened? 

You see those disciples knew that only God had that kind of power.   The disciples were scared about being in the boat with a man who had God-like powers.   None of us has got instant power over the weather. 

Sam:  Wish we did, especially last weekend.

Me:  But we don’t. 

Sam:  But Jesus did.  Check it out. 

Me:   And that’s exactly what the disciples did.  They started to ask the right question:  “Who is this?  Even the wind and the waves obey Him.

And that’s this week's memory verse   [verse on screen]  So let’s learn this month’s verse all together.    [NB Sam joins in]

Song 4:  He must be God [Meet the King No 10]

[Sam not joining in singing and slips off during song]



Talk Part III /  Application

[Jesus calmed a terrible storm, while he was at sea.  Jesus calmed it so He could say, fear not trust in me.]  How cool is that!  How cool is that!  He spoke a word that waves went dead flat.  He must be God if he did that, how cool it that!

And that’s why the story’s important for us.  Just like the leper and the paralysed man, what Jesus did, points to who Jesus is.  Jesus really is God in human form.  Jesus proved he's got power and authority over nature;  over human nature and over the forces of nature.  And so, as we saw when we looked at the paralysed man, that means Jesus really has got authority to forgive sin, to forgive us for all the bad things we’ve done.  And so the question is:  do we accept who Jesus really is:  God in human form?  And are we listening to Jesus.  Are we going to respond properly like the Good Soil.  Because Jesus is commanding us to repent of our sins and to follow Him.  Just like he called those fishermen, he's calling each and every one of us to follow Him.  And the question is:  how are you going to respond?  Are you Good Soil?  Or are you like Sam the Cam:  waiting to slip off quietly while no-one’s looking.  weedy soil, rocky soil or maybe just a path.  How are you going to respond to King J?   How are you going to respond to the man who is God.


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