Devoted hearts - Philippians 1

This is a sermon by Peter Birnie from the Riverside Church service on 7th January 2018.

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“Knowing Christ” Philippians

Intro: “I’ve wasted it” Vs “Knowing Christ Jesus my Lord” (3v7-8)

We know Jesus Christ as Lord through gospel partnership (1v5)

1) Partnering by their witness in Philippi

- Gospel Proclamation (1v27-28)
Who can we share the gospel with this year?

- Gospel Suffering (1v29-30)
For the name of Jesus – what a privilege

- Gospel Relationships (2v1-2)
Attitude the same as Christ Jesus

2) Partnering by persevering in prayer (1 v 18-19)

“through your prayers”


3) Partnering by giving to support the work (4v10-20)

Not just practical but “a fragrant offering, an acceptable sacrifice, pleasing to God.”


Specific Commitments in 2018

1) Continue to hold firmly to the gospel as we have it in the bible.
2) Consider committing more seriously to corporate prayer.
3) Aim to step up in your commitment to God’s people here.

Reflection on the Philippians overview sermon (7/01/2018)

  • Read Phil 3 v 1-11

For Paul, knowing Christ as Lord is worth more than anything else in the world.
Paul knows Christ so well because his life is shaped by the gospel.

  • Ask

Is my heart like Pauls? Is knowing Christ as Lord what my heart longs for?
Who can I share the gospel with this year?
What will help me to partner in prayer this year?

  • Pray

Pray through the specific commitments for 2018 at the end of the sermon notes

Preparation for sermon on Philippians 1 v 1-11 “Loving Prayer” (15/01/2018)

  • Read Phil 1:1-11

Paul rejoices that God is at work in the Philippians.

The fact that they are partners with Paul is clear evidence of God’s good work in them. 

Paul prays for the Philippians for more of God’s work in them – that they would know God better and love him more fully, leading to lives that bring praise to God.

  • Ask

In v1, Paul says he is writing to ‘saints’ (believers). Why is this significant?

As I look at Riverside Church, what do I see that Paul would rejoice about?

As I look at my life, how can I praise God for my partnership in the gospel?

  • Pray

God, help me to rejoice about the things you rejoice about.

God, help me to know you better, to love you more and to live to please you.

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