Have You Ever Wondered is back in 2019 to help us think through some of life’s big questions.

These are relaxed evenings with hot drinks and pastries and a talk on topics listed below, plus a chance to disucss and ask questions at the end..

We meet at 8pm at St John Newland - HU6 7PA

26/02/19    Tolerance: Can’t we all just get along? Watch below
05/03/19    Identity: What does it mean to be human?
12/03/19    Violence: Is the Christian God a warmonger?
19/03/19    Gender: Are there really only two options?
26/03/19    The Environment: Is God into recycling?  
02/04/19    Happiness: Is God a killjoy?

If you missed any of the previous talks or you'd like to watch again, the videos are available here.


Tolerance - Can't we all just get along? (Tuesday 26th Feb 2019)

Is God a delusion?

Is there any meaning to life?

Is there life after death?

Why trust the Bible?

Why beleive in God when we have science?

Why is there so much suffering?

Posted by Geoff Waring, expires 02/04/2019.