Riverside Sermons

This page lists the recent sermons we've heard at Riverside Church, and the ones that are coming up next. Riverside is part of St John Newland, Click here to search the full Riverside and St John's sermon archive.

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Riverside 11.00am service
Whatever is true - John's gospel (Riverside)
Sep 3 True light John 1:1-18 (PB) Listen
Sep 10 True spirituality John 2:13 - 3:21 (PB) Listen
Sep 17 True satisfaction John 4:4-12 (PB) Listen
Sep 24 True rest John 5:1-30 (PB) Listen
Oct 8 True food John 6:25-59 (SM) Listen
Oct 15 True drink John 7 (PB) Listen
Oct 22 True freedom John 8 (PB) Listen
Oct 29 True sight John 9 (PB) Listen
Nov 5 True love John 10 (JB) Listen
Nov 12 True life John 11 (MT) Listen
Nov 26 True judgement John 12:20-50 (PB) Listen
Dec 3 True disciples John 13 (PB) Listen
Dec 10 No 11am service, Crib service at 3.30pm
Dec 17 True friends John 15
Dec 24 What is truth? John 18:28-40
Dec 31 No service at Riverside or St Faiths

Riverside 11.00am Family services
Whatever is true - John's gospel (Riverside)
Oct 1 Harvest Family Service with Brownies and Rainbows
Nov 19 Family Service with Brownies and Rainbows