Riverside Sermons

This page lists the recent sermons we've heard at Riverside Church, and the ones that are coming up next. Riverside is part of St John Newland, Click here to search the full Riverside and St John's sermon archive.

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Riverside 11.00am service
The clearest gospel of all - Romans (Riverside)
Sep 2 The game changer Romans 1:1-16 (PB) Listen
Sep 9 Why we can't make heaven on earth Romans 1:18-32 (PB) Listen
Sep 16 Why being good isn't good enough Romans 2:1-16 (JB) Listen
Sep 23 Religion at its best is not the best Romans 2:17-29 (PB) Listen
Sep 30 We are all in the same boat Romans 3:1-20 (PB) Listen
Oct 14 Now for the really good news Romans 3:21-31 (PB) Listen
Oct 21 Good news is old news Romans 4 (PB) Listen
Oct 28 Buckets of grace Romans 5:1-11 (JB) Read text Listen
Nov 4 Guest service Isaiah 55 (PB) Listen
Nov 11 The gift Romans 5:12-20 (PB) Listen
Nov 18 Grace works Romans 6:1-14
Nov 25 New life, new regime Romans 6:15 - 7:6
Dec 2 The battle Romans 7:7-25
Dec 9 The spirit Romans 8:1-17
Dec 16 Crib Service at 3pm
Dec 23 The future Romans 8:18-39
Dec 30 No service at Riverside

Riverside 11.00am Family services
The clearest gospel of all - Romans (Riverside)
Oct 7 Harvest festival Family Parade service