Welcome to Riverside church

Riverside Church in Hull is a multicultural family of Christians from all walks of life. We love our great Saviour Jesus Christ and try to live with him in charge of our lives as we learn from God's word, the Bible. If you want to find out more it would be great to see you at our Sunday services, or at our weekday events.

What's on

Next Sunday's services
11.00am Riverside: Religion at its best is not the best (Romans 2:17-29)
6.30pm St Johns: The one with most toys loses (Luke 12:13-21)

Today's events Friday 21 September
Toddler Group 10-11.30am in the Parish Hall
Pathfinders 6.30-8pm in St Johns
Prayer for the Unreached People  7.30pm at Viv Whitton's home
Mark2 8-9.30pm in St Johns

Tomorrow's events Saturday 22 September


Recent sermons

16 Sep rsWhy being good isn't good enoughRom 2:1-16J Belham
9 Sep rsWhy we can't make heaven on earthRom 1:18-32P Birnie
2 Sep rsThe game changerRom 1:1-16P Birnie
12 Aug rsOverwhelming concern for the crown1 Ki 19:1-21P Birnie
5 Aug rsThe contest for the crowns1 Ki 18:1-46T Benstead
29 Jul rsThe crown provides1 Ki 16:29 - 17:24P Birnie